Donating to SCS

Charter schools offer students, families, and teachers a fresh alternative to traditional public or private schools. In New Hampshire, charter schools are public and funded by the state, but at a rate significantly lower on a per student basis than traditional public schools. (New Hampshire funds its charter schools at one of the lowest rates in the US.) In exchange for limited funding, charter schools are given the freedom to create unique missions or “charters” that embody the values of the school.

Because charter schools in New Hampshire are funded at a much lower level than traditional public schools, they must make up the difference in funding themselves. This means that Seacoast Charter School depends on donations, annual family contributions, fundraising, and volunteers. 

How to give

By check:

  • Make checks payable to Seacoast Charter School.
  • Mail or bring in your check to SCS, 171 Watson Road, Dover, NH 03820

Recurring payments through your bank:

  • Most banks and credit unions offer online options for setting up automatic/recurring payments. It's an easy way to break your contribution down into small payments over the course of the year. (Contact your banking institution for more information.)

Securely online:

  • Option to use either credit card or PayPal account
  • Choose monthly or one-time payment option

SCS is a 501(c)3 tax exempt not-for-profit organization,
and your contribution is tax deductible.