Dropoff and Pickup

All cars should enter and exit via Watson Road.


  • Students may be dropped off between 8:05 and 8:25.
  • Pull into school from Watson Road. 
  • Drive past the school front, and loop around to the right. 
  • Cars will form a line beginning at the white shed (see map). 
  • Students may unload and load in the dropoff zone only.
  • Do not drive through the parking spaces in the dropoff zone.
  • Cars pull forward and drive along the rest of the loop until leaving Watson Road. 

Pre-K and K dropoff

  • Pull out of line and into the loading dock parking area. 
  • Please leave your engine running and do not exit your car for any reason.
  • An adult will meet your child to walk him/her to classroom. 
  • At the direction of the traffic attendant, cars may either pull out to the left to exit via Watson Road, or if there are older siblings in the car, pull back into the regular arrival line by turning right. 


All students pre-K through 8 should be picked up from pickup zone on the furthest side of the loop (see on map). Unless students are participating in after-school activities, they should be picked up by 3:15. Please pick up via the driving lane. Please do not park and come in to get your child, unless they're being dismissed before 2:45.

Dover Bus 

The Dover School District provides Dover residents with a bus to and from school each day at NO cost! You can find the bus route for both morning and afternoon here: ROUTE

Please note: The Dover bus DOES NOT run on days that the Dover School District is not in session. Please be sure to check Dover’s calendar and plan accordingly. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns with/about the Dover Bus, please contact Paula Tiberio, First Student Lead Driver, 603-692-4406, ext. 13. 



All Grades
8:30 am – 3:00 pm