SCS Sponsorship Program

The SCS sponsorship program is a great way to promote your business to families from more than 30 towns in the Seacoast area while supporting local students. We offer a wide range of large and small sponsorship opportunities, everything from contributing to arts programs to building a science lab to expanding our health and wellness program. Find more details here!

Sponsorship makes a difference!

In New Hampshire, charter schools are public and funded by the state, but at a rate significantly lower than traditional public schools (approximately $8,000 less per student/year). We do a lot with our limited budget, but depend on community support to help us lessen the gap in funding each year.

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Thank you so much to all those who donate funds, time, and supplies to Seacoast Charter School. We would not be here without your support and commitment!

2019 Fun Run Sponsors

Creekman Charity Swim & Concert Underwriters


All advertising and corporate sponsorship programs will be subject to certain restrictions in keeping with community values and contemporary standards of good taste, and will seek to model and promote positive values for students. Review our full policy HERE.