Please note that Seacoast Charter School has moved to Dover, New Hampshire. 

To apply to the Seacoast Charter School, please click to read application information BEFORE completing the form below.

The lottery took place on March 16, and applicants who received a spot have been notified via phone and e-mail. Waitlist applicants have been notified via e-mail. 

It’s not too late to apply! We still have available space in our pre-K class, and are still accepting applications for grades 1–8 for the waitlist. 

For questions about the enrollment process, please e-mail us.

Application Form

Applicants should be aware that New Hampshire charter schools receive significantly less state funding compared with other public schools. Everyone at SCS works together to keep the school going, and fundraising and volunteering are part of the charter school experience. See our Donate page for more details on how charter schools work in New Hampshire. Note that * Indicates required field.

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