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The Seacoast Charter School Board of Trustees is responsible for the governance of the Seacoast Charter School. In practice, this means that they are responsible for oversight of the operations of the school in accord with the charter, the mission, and the budget established annually by the board. In addition, the Head of School reports directly to the board and is accountable to them for the school's operation and continued progress.

Board meetings are public meetings and open to any member of the community. They are typically scheduled for the second Tuesday of the month at 6 PM. Minutes of the meetings are available here on the website or in the office of the school.

You may contact the Board of Trustees here. Your message will go to the Board Clerk, who will then pass on the information to the other board members.


Development Committee

Mission Statement: The Development Committee serves as the primary voice of the Seacoast Charter School for both fundraising and educational awareness in the community. We raise dollars and drive advocacy through an intelligent and coordinated tactical calendar, aligning each initiative with the appropriate target audience.

Facilities Committee

Mission Statement: The Facilities Committee addresses short- and long-term needs of the physical location of the school, providing stability and working closely with the finance committee and HOS. Works with HOS +/or business manager to address facility maintenance, issues RFP’s for building-related issues and expenses, and assists with negotiations for these services. Provides support and knowledge to HOS and business manager in order to address issues with the city and other entities. Develops yearly short- and long-term goals for the physical property to allow for growth and provide a safe environment for students and staff. 

Finance Committee

Mission Statement: The Finance Committee develops and manages balanced budgets, and continuously improves the school’s financial position. 

Governance Committee

Mission Statement: The Governance Committee ensures that the board fulfills its legal, ethical, and functional responsibilities through adequate policy developments, training programs, monitoring of board activities, and evaluations of board member performance. 

Personnel Committee

Mission Statement:  The Personnel Committee promotes and maintains consistent and equitable standards in the administration of SCS. We support policies and procedures that foster a team approach for all as they work to serve the children of this school. 

Technology Committee

Mission Statement: The Technology Committee focuses on delivering cost-effective and reliable platforms, devices, software, and tools to support educational goals and requirements.